I am Pawan Chamling and this is my personal webpage.
I am an artist, a programmer, a photographer
and forever a student.

About Me

I was born in a small green town called Bamrang(Diktel), Khotang, Nepal,
raised in a vibrant and historic city called Kathmandu Nepal,
and now living in a calm and beautiful city called Trondheim, Norway.

Currently I am doing my MSc. in Information Systems at NTNU.
I have two years of work experience as a Software Engineer (Visualization/Reporting Engineer) for a software company called OpenI.org

I like to play with codes, colors, lenses, strings and sometimes with words.

I am an art lover and a nature worshipper.

Some of my works


Contact Information

If you like my works and want to talk about them you can find me in

Or you can send me a personal message at my Gmail account
pawanchamling.kirat at gmail.com